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Board of Directors

Message from the Board of Directors

We are extremely honored to work hand in hand with the administration, always guaranteeing the well-being of the patients and the community we serve. For the past 48 years, SIM has treated thousands of patients with the highest standards of care, quality and good service that characterizes our organization.

Mrs. Carmen B. Fuentes Albino

President and Representative of Corozal patients

Mrs. Carmen G. Hernández Díaz

Treasurer and Representative of Barranquitas patients

Mrs. Rosa Marrero Ramos

Secretary and Representative of Health Professionals

Mrs. María A. Ríos Rodríguez

Director and Representative of Corozal patients

Mrs. Deborah Desarden Colón

Director and Representative of Toa Alta patients

Mrs. Elibel Ortiz Berríos

Vicepresident and Representative of Naranjito patients

Mr. Emanuel García Rodríguez

Deputy Treasurer and Public Housing Representative

Mr. Víctor E. Rivera Ortiz

Director and Representative of Naranjito patients

Mrs. Maribel Concepción Meléndez

Director and Representative of Comerio Patients and Agricultural Workers