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Somos Más Salud

The SOMOS + Salud Program emerges in response to the emergency after the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.  Two nonprofit organizations, Children’s Health Fund and Somos una Voz, joined together, who through SIM decide to bring health to children from disadvantaged communities in the Municipalities of Orocovis, Toa Alta, Naranjito and Corozal.

Children’s Health Fund is a nonprofit organization committed to ensuring high quality medical care for children in the most disadvantaged communities in the United States.  This organization has 30 years of service in the communities with the objective of expanding access to primary care, reducing health barriers for learning, responding to the needs of children affected by major public health crises and improving health, and the welfare of children through promotion and public education efforts.

WE ARE A VOICE is a coalition of artists united with the mission of using their resources and influences to bring immediate help to communities that are suffering the consequences of the most recent and devastating natural disasters.

SOMOS + Salud and SIM in your Community

As part of community services, we have a mobile unit to provide access to medical care for children where they need it most.  The services offered by this unit are:

  1. Pediatrics
  2. Nursing
  3. Support services as needed
    • Social work
    • Health Education
    • Psychology
    • Nutrition
    • Vaccination