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Health Education

What is Health Education?

“It is a social, educational and political process that increases and promotes public awareness about health, promotes healthy lifestyles and community action in favor of health, providing opportunities and offering people to exercise their rights and responsibilities to train environments, systems and policies favorable to the health and physical, social and emotional well-being of patients”.

Prevention is the Key to a Long Life

At SIM, we work every day to promote health prevention through the different life cycles of our patients. Health education at all levels is already a necessity as part of our initiatives as individuals to maintain a healthier life. When we educate ourselves about the different branches of health care, how to eat and what exercises our metabolism needs, we begin to have a better quality of life.

In our effort to foster a culture of prevention and care to support the clinical management of primary medicine offered by our institution to the community we serve, our patients have the following services:

  • Health Professionals specialized in Health Promotion Initiatives
  • Educational material printed on cutting-edge health issues
  • Individual and group educational workshops and conferences
  • We have breastfeeding education and support programs, guidance and counseling in Smoking Cessation and the Self-Management Program for people with diabetes, HIV prevention program, among others.
  • In addition, we remain at the forefront of health news that impacts the community to carry the message to our patients.
  • Coordinates and provides support in clinics and Health Fairs in the community.

Main Role

Health Educators are responsible for the design, planning and evaluation of Health Education and Promotion initiatives, projects and programs. The Health Educator main role is to offer orientation and education services to our patients. It is a key piece for the fulfillment of an integrated care model focused on the needs of the patient.


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