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Migrant and Stationary Agricultural Workers Program

Salud Integral en la Montaña, Inc. (SIM), services to the communities of Barranquitas, Bayamón, Comerío, Corozal, Naranjito, Orocovis and Toa Alta, include the Migrant and Stationary Agricultural Workers Program.

This program offers preventive services to migrant workers (those who leave their community to work elsewhere in certain seasons of the year) and stationary (those who are usually employed and receive an hourly wage, per day or for collecting the cultivated product) of agriculture, before exposure to pesticides and other occupational hazards.  The program aims to increase the number of Migrant and Stationary Agricultural Workers and their family members as users of health services in our Integrated Health Centers.  In addition, it seeks to increase the capacity, availability and accessibility of primary health services that they understand but are not limited to general and specialized medical care, clinical laboratory, pharmacy and ancillary services.

Any agricultural worker who:

  • Generates their main income from working in agriculture.
  • A Migrant Agricultural Worker and its main source of income is agriculture, or has been employed in the last 24 months, and for the purposes of that employment, your residence is temporary.
  • A Stationary Agricultural Worker and his main source of income is seasonal agriculture. You must have been employed for the past 24 months and have remained in your primary residence while you have been employed.
  • Own a small farm, with 5 employees or less, and that your main source of income is agriculture.
  • Be an Elderly and / or Disabled Agricultural Worker (defined as people who cannot continue working due to age or health conditions).  Dependents living with Migrant and Stationary Agricultural Workers (spouse, children under 18 and / or students) are considered equally eligible.  This program offers discounts on pharmacy services, pesticide risk assessment and access to all services available in SIM.  To learn more about the program, visit your nearest Integrated Health Center.

Patients certified as Agricultural Workers may have the following benefits:

  • One health certificate per year, free of cost.
  • Health clinics in the workplace.
  • Availability of primary health services in the CSI.
  • Referrals to nutritionist, social work and health education, among others.
  • Socio-economic evaluation for phased discount.
  • Discount on drugs not covered by the medical plan.
  • Pesticide risk assessment and medical monitoring.
  • Protection and prevention equipment (coordinated).


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