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Sliding Fee Discount Program

In Salud Integral de la Montana, Inc. (SIM) we care that medical services are always received as part of primary and preventive care, even if you do not have the ability to pay to receive them.  We receive funds under Section 330 of the Federal Department of Health, with the purpose of providing medical services.  Through our Sliding Fee Discount Program, those patients who do not meet the criteria to receive the Health Plan of the Government of Puerto Rico, their income is not enough to benefit from a private medical plan, or they have a health plan with limited coverage.  In SIM we help you to receive these services at a reasonable cost, based on your income and family composition.

How does the Sliding Fee Discount Program work?

At the time of the first visit to any of our Integrated Health Centers, our staff will guide you to know the eligibility for this program.

A request for preliminary assessment of the economic capacity of the patient, will be completed considering the admission information and family composition at that time.

If eligible, the discount card will be granted preliminary for the next 15 days, (grace period).

During the grace period, the patient must attend their appointment with the Social Worker or the designated staff, (appointment previously coordinated during the preliminary evaluation), to present the necessary documentation and complete the socioeconomic evaluation.  This will determine the discount that applies (if any) and will be provided a program entry card for the one-year period.

The applicable discount will be based on family composition, family income and poverty level and will be applied according to the evidence presented by the patient at his annual evaluation appointment.

If the patient cannot present the evidence in the agreed time, it will be understood that he is a patient with the ability to pay and will be made responsible for payments corresponding to the services rendered.

Documents required for evaluation:

Patient identification
  • Driver’s license
  • Electoral card
  • Passport
  • Another official document with photo
Evidence of income (as applicable)
  • Checkbooks or social security checks, unemployment, veteran’s insurance, retirement, private pension, inheritance payments, interest, income, royalties, property payments, credits or other benefits and / or payments.
  • Form 499R2 / W-2PR
  • Medical Plan Card with limited coverage
  • Evidence of non-eligibility of medical coverage
Residence Verification
  • Water, electricity or telephone invoices
Family composition
  • Birth certificate of family members