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Clinical Psychology

The practice of Clinical Psychology is defined as, but not limited to offering any service to individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, or the public; that includes the diagnosis, the application of principles, methods and procedures to understand, predict, influence or change behavior. The principles include those relevant to learning, perception, motivation, thinking, emotions of mind and body, interpersonal relationships and group relationships. Methods and procedures include interviews, consulting, construction and / or administration and / or interpretation of tests of mental abilities, aptitudes, personality characteristics, psychophysiological characteristics, emotions and motivation. The evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of emotional, mental and / or nervous disorders or dysfunctions, and / or group dysfunction, psychotherapy, behavior modification, behavior therapy, biological feedback techniques [biofeedback]; marriage, educational and vocational counseling; selection, counseling and personnel management; evaluation, planning and consulting for optimal work and study situations; social relations, organizational development, group dynamics and resolution of social, interpersonal or group conflicts.