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Community Outreach

The Community Outreach program is an innovative program that focuses on education of the population about the importance of having a medical plan.  Similarly, we counsel patients who do not have a medical plan and give them options so that they can continue to receive their primary health services.

Recognizing the vulnerability of many people, this program also visits disadvantaged communities to identify the different needs that afflicts them.  We collaborate with community leaders coordinating educational activities and health fairs for the improvement of the communities.

Understanding that anyone may need this information and recognizing our commitment, our educational talks are also aimed at schools, employees, private companies and other places where the Community Outreach program can make a difference.

What is the Outreach and Enrollment program?

  • Its main objective is to educate the community about the importance of having health insurance coverage
  • Facilitate and support the participant, and their family in the process of enrolling in health insurance coverage, either through the Medicaid Program (Mi Salud), CHIP or other medical assistance service available in Puerto Rico.
  • Direct patients in the selection of private medical plans that comply with federal provisions of the Affordable Health Care and Education Act (ACA).
  • Counseling on the Sliding Fee Discount Program

Who can benefit from the O/E Program?

  • Every American citizen, 21 years of age and older and without a medical plan, can benefit
  • Citizens with Green Card are considered permanent legal residents, so they have the same rights as those born in the United States.
    • If you do not have the card, but some other type of visa, either study or work and have paid your taxes you can also access the health program.
  • Foreigners who are on the island under the status of illegals would be the only ones who cannot be able to get the help.  These people do not have the qualifications to qualify, but they are also not required to pay a fine for not being insured.  These patients are referred to the Sliding Fee Discount Program
  • Any person who did NOT qualify for Medicaid is referred to SIM for guidance on the Sliding Fee Discount Program.


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